ASICS models in a denim look

  • ASICS models in a denim look

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This week, the Gel Lyte V, the Gel Lyte III and the Gel Sight appeared in the States with a complete denim upper, and I'm personally into anything with even the smallest shred of denim on it at the moment. I already praised the Denim Prestos a few weeks ago, but the models from ASICS are really heating things up again. All three sneakers are simply amazing and would fit super well into my ASICS collection. Unfortunately, and I really regret this, none of the models will make it across the pond. It's a real shame about the pack, because I'm sure that all three silhouettes would have sold like hot cakes here too, and I have to admit that I don't quite understand ASICS Tiger's model policy. The Gel Sight from the Whisper Pink Pack would have done very well for us. I know a lot of people who specifically wanted this model, but simply didn't have the opportunity to buy the sneaker in this country. The reason is not really clear to me either, because both models from the Whisper Pink pack were really well received by the scene. It wouldn't have been any different with the Gel Sight, I'm sure. #ichkennjameinejungsWhat's your opinion on the denim pack from ASICS Tiger? Current releases from the brand can be found here.

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