ASICS Tiger 50/50 Pack - Release info

  • ASICS Tiger 50/50 Pack - Release info

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Yay, it's finally here: the 50/50 pack from ASICS Tiger, and to be honest, I've been waiting quite a long time for the 50/50 pack. Originally, the 50/50 pack was supposed to contain four models. Unfortunately, we here in Germany only get to enjoy the Gel Lyte V and the Gel Lyte III.Unfortunately, I can't answer why this is the case. As a Saga fan, I personally think it's a real shame, because I would have loved to have the Saga laced up on my feet.well - you shouldn't complain, but be satisfied with what you get. At least that's what mom says. After all, we still get the breathtaking Gel Lyte V and a really chic Gel Lyte III. Both in the ever-popular color blocking that is reminiscent of collabos from years gone by, the Gel Lyte III comes with a beautiful purple toebox. The rest of the sneaker is almost completely black, apart from some white accents and the midsole.the Gel-Lyte V is similar in design, except that the toebox on this sneaker is turquoise. Both (actually all four!!) colorways from the Asics Tiger 50/50 Pack are really good and will certainly be very popular, and the release for both models is planned in the following stores. The date has been set for July 17, at exactly 00:00 a.m. Here is an overview of the stores already confirmed:OVERKILL, BerlinASPHALTGOLD, DarmstadtFOODT, DortmundAFEW, DüsseldorfSOLE HUNTERS, Essen43EINHALB, Fulda MATE STORE, Gütersloh ALLIKE, Hamburg ANIMAL TRACKS, Hamburg THE UPPER CLUB, MunichEnjoy the release! :)More pictures can be found on the next page

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