ASICS Tiger 30 Years of Gel - Event Recap

  • ASICS Tiger 30 Years of Gel - Event Recap

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This year marks the 30th anniversary of ASICS GEL technology. The introduction of GEL technology was an incredible advancement in running at the time and has undergone constant innovation to date, proving itself in a variety of different models over the years. To celebrate this year's milestone in the company's history, ASICS Tiger hosted a road trip in Amsterdam where selected guests had the opportunity to learn more about this history of the company and GEL technology.Additionally, last month ASICS Tiger launched a "Commemorative Pack" of four different silhouettes - the Gel-Lyte III, Gel-Lyte V, GT-Cool Express and the Gel-Quantum 360. If I had to choose one of the models, the Gel-Lyte V would probably be my very first choice, as I simply like the shape the best.I suggest you take a look at the following pictures from this impressive event, because ASICS went to extraordinary lengths for this day and did everything to give the guests an unforgettable experience. The Japanese sports cars in particular, with their huge spoilers and exhausts, are a real eye-catcher and certainly caused quite a stir in Amsterdam! :)If you want to find out more about the ASICS Tiger brand and products, just take a look at the homepage or fanpage.

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