ASICS GL3 'Block Party' - latest pickup

  • ASICS GL3 'Block Party' - latest pickup

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If you follow me on Snapchat (@LaLuna_23), you'll know that I ordered this beautiful ASICS GL3 Spectra Green aka Block Party from the States a good two months ago. Afraid that it wouldn't be released in Europe, I didn't think twice and ordered it. The good thing: I got it for a pretty fair price, as I have friends in the States, and of course it came with sweets like Reese's and Twizzlers! What more could you want? :D It's liiiit! After 2 weeks of waiting it arrived and I was really blown away. You always doubt whether the sneaker really looks like it's pictured online. Especially with colors like these, I always find it difficult to judge whether a lot of Photoshop was used or not. But I can reassure you that it really is as bright and good as in the pictures - a very successful shoe in my opinion, even if it is only a general release and not limited. Rope laces look great, as does the color mix, which I immediately liked. The material could perhaps have been a tad better and 3M accents would have been nice, but that's really complaining on a high level. After all, it's not a collabo shoe, but still cuts a very good figure and, as I've noticed, is also in high demand. you can get it tonight, at exactly 0 o'clock here. The price is €124.95. I wouldn't think twice and buy it. Just like I did two months ago haha. You should already know my motto: Buy now or cry later :DMI'd be interested to hear what you think of the shoe. Would you say it's more for women? Men? Or completely neutral? I'm looking forward to your always ice-cold honest opinions :DPictures by yours truly- Silvi

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  • gl3-blockparty-007
  • gl3-blockparty-005
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