Asics Gel Saga OG Orange Blue - latest pickup

  • Asics Gel Saga OG Orange Blue - latest pickup

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Yesterday I received a new pair of shoes, not just any pair, ne ne....but a new OG (do you call OG's "new"?) of one of my favorite silhouettes, the ASICS Gel Saga.Unfortunately, the original box was not included with this sneaker. I've always had a lot of luck with this lately, but unfortunately this wasn't the case with this pair. But both shoes were not laced, which is always a good sign with OG's. I have to admit that I've developed a real soft spot for old sneakers lately. Sometimes they kick me even more than all the new releases, which are sold out after three seconds anyway. There are also no perforations, printed insoles, high-quality leather or other gimmicks. OG models are simply purist and you can tell. I think that's why I like them so much, and I don't yet have the Saga version that I'm talking about in this blog post in my collection. The model changed several times, especially in the 90s, and I know of many models that are somehow all slightly different. Mudguard, midsole - something is always different. If I had kept the OG's that didn't fit me, then I could have shown you 4-5 variations of the Asics Gel Saga. Too bad! I don't think I'll be giving anything away in future and will just suffocate in shoes at some point ;-)I particularly like the thickly padded tongue on this model, by the way. Plus the bright logo in the typical "Asics orange", which I already noticed on the A6-Gel . I can only emphasize again and again how much I like these bright colors. You don't have to do much post-processing or saturation, because otherwise the colors in the pictures just fly around your ears. Unfortunately I didn't have that much time yesterday evening, so I could only take a few quick snapshots. I hope you like the pictures anyway and you'll get to see more in the days to come in my new "on feet" gallery.

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  • 7asics-saga-vintage
  • 10asics-saga-vintage
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  • 4asics-saga-vintage
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