Asics Gel Legacy OG - latest pickup

  • Asics Gel Legacy OG - latest pickup

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So, here I am again. Fresh and rested back from vacation and of course with lots of new shoes at the start, I actually wanted to write my first blog post after vacation about my new Primeknit Boost. But somehow I always miss my neighbors who received the package while I was away. I think every shoe freak can understand how annoying it is to wait for the new shoes. Very annoying somehow! :D Well, not so bad. I'll start with the Asics Gel Legacy from the early 90s. It's a really nice piece, isn't it? I really like the shoe and I was really pleased with this find. Everything about this shoe is just right for me: the beautiful OG colorway, the good silhouette and, above all, the impeccable condition. Despite being around 20 years old, the Legacy still looks like it just left the factory. No discoloration, no sticky blemishes, just like new! Incidentally, the Legacy is the first of my OG Asics from Germany. My other vintage bids have all been labeled with US dollar prices, which were also significantly cheaper than the 149.90 DM listed on the box. It's absolutely crazy that it was so expensive back then! Well, I don't care because I only paid a little more than the 149.90 DM ;-) As I said, the Legacy was once again a really good catch, so I don't want to talk at length here, I just want to quickly "get rid" of the pictures I took this evening. My girlfriend is on the road with her girls (I guess she was fed up with me after two weeks of vacation :D ), so I had some time to take some pictures.I'll be back in a few days with my Primeknit Boost and possibly two or three other vintage bangers! ;-)Dig in!Edit: You can find more "on feets" here!

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