Air Jordan 1 OG Bred @AFEW - Release Recap

  • Air Jordan 1 OG Bred @AFEW - Release Recap

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A few weeks ago, the Air Jordan 1 OG Bred release seemed so far away, but now it's here friends! It's at home with me! On Saturday, I was one of the 39 lucky people who were able to take home an AJ1 Bred. I was so stupid last spring and sold mine because my Toebox was so uncomfortable. But my prayers were answered and we were sent another Bred. I couldn't be happier! Especially not when I realized that the Air Jordan 1 Royal is also coming next year! Following the motto "support your local", I tried my luck as it should be at Afew in Düsseldorf! Alternatives would have been Nike or SNS, but I had to make sure I could actually make it. But I also have to say that there were fewer women on site, which made it much easier for me to pick up my beloved OG Bred. I wonder if that was the reason why the atmosphere was so relaxed and calm. Rumor has it that I also thought it was cool that Afew provided the first 2/3 people with a Jason Markk camping chair, which the boys were then allowed to keep. More of these, please! People who have to queue or camp for a shoe always like that. After all, you spend several hours, no days, in front of the store and want to make yourself comfortable somehow. As if that wasn't nice enough, there was a cleaning kit on top! Great thing guys! You shouldn't save money at the wrong end. Let's move on to the sneakers themselves. Once again, the men are luckier. Not only does the material feel a lot better and of higher quality, but they also had two more laces in white and red in the box. I would only rock a Bred with black laces, but to each his own, so I've attached some snapshots from Friday and Saturday for you. Follow us on Snapchat to be there live tomorrow when Christopher and I fly to Paris. What awaits us and therefore you too? A Nike workshop & shoot, but more on that tomorrow! Until next time- Silvi

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