Air Jordan 1 Hi 85 Wings - The 1,500 euro sneaker

  • Air Jordan 1 Hi 85 Wings - The 1,500 euro sneaker

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February 3, 2023 was Michael Jordan Day, proclaimed by ESPN, the American sports broadcaster. Is there any better day to spread some heavy Air Jordan news? Probably not. That's why a first mock-up of the Air Jordan 1 Hi 85 Wings has been circulating since February 3rd. The shoe is said to cost a whopping 1,500 Euro. We will try to clarify in the article why the sneaker will be so expensive,

Most of you will be wondering why February 3rd, 2023 is Michael Jordan Day. In America the date is written like this: 2/3/23. Do you see it? The number 23 is THE jersey number of Michael Jordan and is still used today on sneakers and other Air Jordan merch with and for Michael Jordan. So if we have a date on which the 23 occurs twice, it makes sense to celebrate the legend. On this day, broadcasters such as ESPN showed old games and special documentaries on his successes. We think: in Europe, DAZN and Sky should deal with Michael Jordan on March 2nd, 2023. What do you think? In any case, the day seems perfect for Nike to burst the 1,500 Euro Air Jordan 1 Hi 85 Wings bubble.


Because if the TV media is already celebrating the Goat, then so is the online media in the sneaker world. And that works best with leaks and mock-ups. So zsneakerheadz posted a mock-up of the Jordan 1 High 85 Wings. Actually there is no information about a color blocking, but the color palette "Black/Wolf Grey/Metallic Gold" is already known. There will probably be a Wings collection with several silhouettes. Unfortunately, we don't know whether all sneakers are so expensive and why. But 1,500 Euro are a statement. We hope that the golden elements are made of real gold, otherwise we cannot explain the price. Things remain exciting. But for us more of a "No Cop".


We don't know when exactly the Air Jordan 1 Hi 85 Wings will come. It is currently said that the Jordan should come around Christmas Holidays 2023. We can't say yet whether the sneaker will actually come for 1,500 Euro in the SNKRS app. Check our release calendar for final information. If you always want all the information with one click, download our free app and favorite your favorite releases. It's pretty easy and you'll always have all the information with just two clicks. If you prefer a different Jordan 1 High , feel free to check out the new releases here. If you have the wherewithal for the shoe, we wish you every success with the release of the Air Jordan 1 Hi 85 Wings!

If you have any questions for us, you can easily reach us via the message function of all social media channels.

  • Air Jordan 1 Hi 85 Wings

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