adidas XENO Pack - Lookbook

  • adidas XENO Pack - Lookbook

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Tonight is the release of the adidas Originals ZX Flux Xenopeltis Pack. For this reason, I quickly picked out the lookbook of the entire collection and I personally will probably get the gray ZX Flux. I somehow like it better "during the day" - i.e. without any reflection - than the dark version. Hopefully I'll be home in time for the release tonight. I've been invited to an event in Bonn in the early evening. Let's see, if necessary I'll just have to stop at a rest stop. :DHere's the complete store overview for the release:43einhalb:

  • 6zx-flux-xeno
  • 8zx-flux-xeno
  • 9zx-flux-xeno
  • 10zx-flux-xeno
  • 5zx-flux-xeno
  • 7zx-flux-xeno
  • 2zx-flux-xeno
  • 1zx-flux-xeno

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