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, better known to many as DOOM82, is a passionate adidas collector and a big vintage fan. The young man has lots of almost forgotten models and sneakers in his collection that he would now like to part with. So I thought to myself, what could you do to help this colleague a little and lend a hand? To be honest - and I'm selfish like that - I wouldn't have published the models at all if they had been in my size. Then I think I would have bought them myself. But as dear Christoph lives with relatively narrow feet ( HöHöHöHöHö ) and I unfortunately have such huge soles, there's nothing for me. I would have loved to have bought them, especially because my collection of old adidas models is still pretty small, so if any of you have the same (or at least similar) size as my colleague Christoph...well, you could be in luck and pick up a really rare pair of adidas vintage sneakers in this post. These things are partly worn and certainly have a bit of "patina" here and there, but show me where else you can get such pieces of jewelry these days. Nowhere else! Seriously, some of the models are around 30 years old... they're so ass-kicking that you can't even put it into words, so here's the list that dear Christoph wants to part with. Have fun with the treasure hunt!Adidas Phantom1986 (150€) uk8 - like new! top conditionAdidas Quesence 1991 (160€) uk8 with og boxAdidas Quorum 1990 (160€) uk8 with vintage box (not og) - top conditionAdidas Boston 1981 (120€) uk8.5 - good condition / rare cwAdidas Bristol 1988 (130€) uk8 - very good vintage condtionAdidas Euro Super 1995 (90€) uk8 - good wearable conditionAdidas Aries 1985 (120€) - top vintage conditionAdidas Centaur 1988 (130€) uk8 - good wearable conditionAdidas Fire 1986 (150€) uk - top vintage conditionAdidas Louisiana 1986 (130,00€) uk8 - good vintage condition Adidas Oregon 1987 (130€) uk8 - very good vintage conditionAdidas Jary 1987 (160€) uk8 - like new! top condition Adidas Quasar 1988 (140€) uk8 - with adidas vintage box (not og) - top condition / very rare cw Adidas Unknown model 1988 (130) uk8 - top vintage conditionIf any of you are interested you can contact Christoph directly. I'm sure he will answer all your questions conscientiously:

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