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The adidas Ultra Boost Olympic Medal Pack was released by adidas about two weeks ago. I still remember pretty clearly because I was soooo happy to have gotten the Ultra Boost Multicolour that night that I somehow totally sweated the Olympic Pack, and at the time I wanted the gold colorway first because I've gotten a bit of a tic when it comes to gold sneakers over the last two years. Somehow it really does seem as if I'm magically attracted to gold sneakers. It's a bit strange, because even though I've been so behind these things, I haven't really worn the shiny beauties very often in the past.For the adidas Ultra Boost Olympic Medal Pack, I finally opted for the "Silver Medals" by SIDESTEP. Perhaps my subconscious didn't want the Ultra Boost Gold Medal to suffer the same fate as its golden predecessors. I'm not really a fan of the gradient upper on the Ultra Boost, but in my opinion it fits perfectly on the Silver Medals. Especially the combination with the shiny metallic heel cage and the color-matching lacetips completely convinced me. In addition, the Primeknit upper is interwoven with silver threads throughout, which in my opinion neatly rounds off the concept of the Ultra Boost Silver Medal, and here and there I've heard that people don't like the shiny heel cage. The technology was already used in the ZX Flux some time ago and even then there were some people who didn't like the metallic finish. For me personally, it really is a matter of taste. Of course, the silver heel cage from the Olympic Medals Pack is particularly eye-catching, but I also know enough people who like to wear eye-catching sneakers. I'm the same way. The more eye-catching, the better. :)The Olympic Medal Pack was officially released just under an hour ago at SIDESTEP and a few other stores. The Ultra Boost Gold Medal is already completely sold out, but almost all sizes of the Silver and Bronze Medal are still available. The Silver Medal is the best choice in my eyes anyway, so I honestly find it hard to understand why everyone is going for the gold colorway. But hey, we've already covered the topic of taste in this post. :)Here are my pictures of the Ultra Boost Silver Medal. I hope you like them at least as much as I do.

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