adidas Ultra Boost Porsche Design - my opinion

  • adidas Ultra Boost Porsche Design - my opinion

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The first pictures and videos of the adidas Ultra Boost in Porsche Design have been buzzing around our beloved internet for a few weeks now. If I remember correctly, the two colorways - white & black - were even already available in stores. Zalando, for example, still has the black Ultra Boost in two sizes in its range. #earlybirdPersonally, I don't think the adidas Ultra Boost Porsche Design is bad, but I'm not convinced by it either. I can easily answer why that is: I think the Ultra Boost from Porsche Design just looks a bit cheap. #sorrynotsorryOf course I know that high-quality materials were used for the shoe. It has to be for the price. The leather used on the heel, for example, really isn't that bad. Somehow, however, I don't think adidas or Porsche have managed the balancing act between a classy sneaker and a performance shoe, which the Ultra Boost is. For example, the silhouette has become much chunkier compared to the normal Ultra Boost. Unfortunately, I don't like that at all. I would also have liked Porsche to come up with something a bit more exciting, but that's where things have gone a bit wrong in the past. It's a shame! One Ultra Boost release I'm definitely looking forward to is the Triple White. Bobby has already teased the completely white Ultra Boost on his fan page, as it's probably already available in the States. I believe the adidas Ultra Boost Triple White will be released here in May. So it won't be too long now. It's definitely a must! :)By the way, the official release of the adidas Ultra Boost Porsche Design is scheduled for April 15 at I will of course keep you up to date as soon as I have found the shoe at adidas. Until then!

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