adidas Ultra Boost Key City - latest pickup

  • adidas Ultra Boost Key City - latest pickup

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Well, who remembers that I raved about the white Ultra Boost on the Key City Pack here on the blog at the end of May? I was really sad that I didn't get it in my size back then and had long since given up hope. With summer pretty much over, the little white dove somehow fell into oblivion. Because suddenly there was a grey Ultra Boost, which is also very, very nice. Let's ask dear Christopher, he doesn't take his off anymore haha :D You can check out his on feet pictures here. As luck would have it, a friend of mine came across the white Ultra Boost and wrote to me directly. I was told something like this: "Go on Silvi, order it! You've been looking for them all this time." I didn't have to think about it for a second and it was already in my shopping cart. When the sun came out again last week and Christopher was visiting Düsseldorf, we took the time for a sneaker shoot and took a close look at the thing.enjoy the pictures :)

  • adidas-ultraboost-005
  • adidas-ultraboost-004
  • adidas-ultraboost-008
  • adidas-ultraboost-007
  • adidas-ultraboost-006
  • adidas-ultraboost-003
  • adidas-ultraboost-001
  • adidas-ultraboost-002

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