adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 - first pictures

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It's hard to believe, but adidas is giving the Ultra Boost silhouette its third update in a short space of time, with the guys from Herzogenaurach focusing specifically on the upper material of the Ultra Boost. In future, the Primeknit will come with a new design, which should guarantee additional stability thanks to a firmer construction and make the shoe more weatherproof - definitely a good thing for the cold fall days. For athletes, however, this also means that the air circulation may no longer function as optimally as with the 2.0 and 1.0 versions.HERE YOU CAN FIND THE RELEASE OVERVIEW OF THE NEW ADIDAS ULTRA BOOST 2.0 ALL WHITE REFLECTIVE The rear section of the Ultra Boost 3.0 gets a wool-like fabric, while the cage is now made of a plastic that provides a kind of "frosted glass effect"! Derek Curry, the man behind "The Sneaker Politics", has already released some promising on-feets on his Instagram account, which whet the appetite for more! In addition to the "classic" colorways that have been confirmed so far, there are a few more flashy colors - check out the pictures below! It is not yet known when exactly the good piece will be released by adidas, but it can be assumed that adidas will release the Ultra Boost 3.0 in the course of the Fall/Winter Season. what do you think of the new design and which colorway do you like best so far? Please share your opinion in the comments.

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  • adidas-ultra-boost-3-red-5
  • adidas-ultra-boost-new-primeknit-01
  • adidas-ultra-boost-new-primeknit-02
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