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The first images of the new adidas Tubular Shadow hit the web a few days ago. On sites like Stylefile or, the model was even already online and sold out in a relatively short time. To be honest, this doesn't surprise me at all. Wondering why? In my opinion, the adidas Tubular Shadow is the affordable version of a Yeezy - without Primeknit and Boost. Presumably designed to combat the countless Yeezy fakes, which are currently flooding the market. The market for a similar silhouette is definitely there, because I can't explain the high number of fakes in Germany's major cities any other way.In my opinion, the release of the adidas Tubular Shadow is a good move by adidas, because in my opinion, the fakes are the main reason why many people hardly wear the original Yeezys, if at all. I feel very similar, by the way, because I also think to myself: Why should I still wear shoes that everyone thinks are fakes anyway or can't tell the original from the fake? so far, so good. So let's get back to the Shadow. I have currently found three different models in the asphaltgold online shop. Two made from the same upper material, which is known as a "knitted upper". One completely black model, the higher quality version in my opinion, comes with a perforated leather upper. I particularly like the strap from the cover picture, which is placed around the foot in a similar way to the EQT. Personally, I'm certainly not the target group that adidas is trying to reach with this model. I already have far too many original Yeezys in my collection for that. But for those who still haven't managed to get their hands on one of the popular models, the adidas Tubular Shadow is certainly an alternative to the Yeezy. In fact, it's the only real alternative, because fakes don't work for me at all. Neither from an economic nor a social point of view. I understand the point of view of people who can't afford such a comparatively expensive shoe and therefore fall back on fakes. But if you're honest with yourself, there are also much cheaper sneakers that are no less cool. Aren't they?


Of the three versions of the adidas Tubular Shadow that I've presented to you in this short blog post, I like the white colorway the best. I've wanted a similar colorway for the original Yeezy Boost 350 for a long time, but I think we'll just have to wait a little longer for the 350. I'm sure there will be enough new colorways coming onto the market, but if you're interested in the new adidas Tubular Shadow, you can find more pictures in the online store at asphaltgold. The price is comparatively low at around €100. The adidas Tubular Shadow should also be appearing in the online store from adidas soon, as the release is scheduled for the beginning of December. Both from a business and design perspective? can find a release overview here.

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