adidas Stan Smith Gloss - latest pickup

  • adidas Stan Smith Gloss - latest pickup

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My latest love, once again, is a sneaker from the house of the three stripes. None better than the adidas Stan Smith Gloss with sexy details in copper. COPPER?! Ehh, awesome?! :D To be honest, I can't get enough of this look because copper is my absolute favorite when it comes to metals, followed by silver of course. I'm also a huge fan of the silhouette. My first Stan Smith and then I got my hands on such a cool colorway. The cool thing about this shoe is that you can style it sporty but also super elegant without looking weird. You know the saying "wanted, but not done". You won't hear that so quickly with a Stan Smith on your foot. My boss, for example, wears a Stan Smith under suits, and hey, the man can really wear it and looks really good doing it. It doesn't look trashy or cheap. A perfect sneaker and timeless classic from adidas that will bring me a lot of joy when wearing and showing off. :PSince this colorway is Foot Locker exclusive, you won't find it on other sites or at other retailers, as the name suggests. So, don't search for ages, just click here and be one click away from your happiness. If you still want to get hold of the shoe, you should hurry, there are not too many sizes left! By the way, I have to mention that this is a colorway for girls. Sorryyyyyyy guys! Another time then! ;)You coppin' or droppin'?

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