adidas SneakerFest - Recap

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Last week I had the special pleasure of going to Herzogenaurach to take part in the adidas SneakerFest, which was my second visit to the adidas headquarters in Herzogenaurach. Compared to my previous visit, where I was only there with my colleagues from Sneakyberlin, our travel group from Cologne ( Knuckler Kane, Ana Romas, sneakerb0b, Aljoscha Kondratiew and I ) was much bigger. Unfortunately, my co-blogger Silvia had to cancel for family reasons, because normally Mrs. Doganay would have come along too, so we all left Cologne together at 13:00 to be picked up punctually at 16:00 by our personal shuttle service at Nuremberg Central Station. From there we went straight to the tranquil town of Herzogenaurach, where we had the opportunity to freshen up and change into new clothes at our hotel. Once there, we met up with Willy, Eda Vendetta, the people from Sneakers Mag and a few other people.Afterwards, we went straight on to the rooftop party in the adidas employees' own parking garage, where we spent the rest of the evening with a few cool drinks, food and the live act "Weekend." The next morning, our program continued relatively early. After breakfast together in the "canteen" (which I affectionately call the "open-plan Vapiano") at adidas headquarters, the first round of talks with colleagues from asphaltgold, Solebox, Suppa and afew. One of the main topics was of course the current NMD hype, but they also talked about the current development in the store and sneaker industry. I don't want to give too much away at this point, but with regard to the NMD, we can still prepare ourselves for one or two delicacies. Another interesting topic was the presentation on the adidas Confirmed App, which has been available in selected European cities since the last Yeezy releases. This topic was particularly important to me, because as a small town dweller I really have the worst chance of getting my hands on one of the coveted shoes. But the adidas Confirmed app will also have some new features over the next few months that will benefit customers like me. New stores, new areas and cities - so you ( and me too, of course ) can look forward to it! :)After lunch, where I was able to "enjoy" the hottest currywurst of my life (...I'm still on fire! ), we went on to the Adi Dassler sports field on the headquarters campus. At what felt like 45 degrees, there wasn't much in the way of exercise, but it was still a lot of fun to try something different with parkour training. I still have sore muscles today, but you have to know when you've done something. :D After a refreshing shower and a shared ride to Nuremberg Central Station, we headed back to Cologne. Funnily enough, on the way back we met Mario from 43einhalb, who was probably on his way to his girlfriend's. In the evening, bob and I went to "Pass The Dutch" in Cologne's Reinecke Fuchs, drank 2 - 7 Cuba Libre and laid siege to the disco couch together. After the sweat-inducing sport, there really wasn't much dancing left...Here are the remaining pictures from the Sneakerfest in Herzogenaurach, which were taken by our colleague Knuckler Kane. Have fun with it.

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