adidas Samba OG Core Black – Latest Pick Up

  • adidas Samba OG Core Black – Latest Pick Up

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Maybe one or the other reader is already fed up, but we love the adidas Samba and enjoy every additional day when the silhouette is all the rage. We don't begrudge adidas the hype and ourselves because the model is just a banger. @christopher got the adidas Samba OG Core Black. By the way, that was the first Samba Colourway ever. All information about the shoe and some on-feet pictures can be found here in the article.


The adidas Samba is a shoe with countless stories, mostly related to football. In the 1950s, the adidas Samba OG Core Black was developed as a soccer shoe and made its debut on the pitch. And just before the World Cup in Brazil. The adidas Samba should attract attention there. This worked very well, because the Samba was originally designed to give footballers better traction on slippery surfaces. With its characteristic rubber sole, the Samba ensured a firm footing and enabled precise movements.

But the adidas Samba OG Core Black wasn't just successful on the pitch. In the decades that followed, he also began to make a name for himself off the pitch. It became a symbol of urban style and was worn by people all over the world. With its iconic design, jagged 3-Stripes and T-shaped overlay in the toe area, the Samba became a cult sneaker. For a few years, the adidas Samba wasn't that interesting anymore. But now the silhouette has made a remarkable comeback and is back in fashion.


But why actually? The reason for this is certainly the current preference for retro parts and the #Blokecore trend on TikTok. The classic design of the adidas Samba OG Core Black and Cloud White and its long history fit perfectly into the current zeitgeist. Many people crave authentic and timeless pieces, and samba offers just that. But the silhouette is also extremely versatile and actually goes with every style, whether with a suit and Hermes bag, worn-out jeans or a short skirt. Everyone wants the shoe. In addition, rappers and various influencers have been wearing the shoe again for about 1.5 years. And of course adidas also knows about the trend and has given all lovers: inside collaborations. Including with Jason Dill , Wales Bonner and Sporty & Rich .

All in all, the Samba is a combination of timeless design, retro charm and versatility that stays in line with current trends. He embodies the best of past and present and has managed to sneak into people's hearts once again.


@christopher can't get enough of the silhouette either and has just organized the third pair. This time the adidas Samba OG Core Black, which was launched in 1954 in exactly the colorway of Adi Dassler (founder of adidas ). Unlike the black Samba, which is currently worn almost everywhere, this colourway also has deep black suede on the toe box. Only the three jagged stripes are white. With the shoe @christopher wears a gray shirt from affxwrks New Utility and brown trousers from Fried Rice. The outfit is rounded off perfectly with the adidas Samba OG Core Black. Check out the pictures below. If you now also fancy the shoe, there is good news. The silhouette is currently online at adidas! Here you can find the adidas Samba OG:

Don't wait any longer and snap up an adidas Samba OG Core Black before all sizes are sold out again. If you would rather have a different Samba Colourway, be sure to check out our release calendar or our free app . The collaborations mostly come at CONFIRMED . We keep our fingers crossed for the next Samba release.

If you have any questions for us, you can easily reach us via the message function of all social media channels.

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  • adidas Samba OG Core Black Christopher
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  • adidas Samba OG Core Black Detailansicht 2
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