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Share with friends The Film from tadiROCK on Vimeo.We should all have realized by now that summer is just around the corner. I'm also getting back into it myself and have been getting my butt in gear for two weeks now to work on my body. But I'm not just doing it for my body, I'm also doing it for balance, to strengthen my mind and reduce my stress. After a good two/three month break, it was of course difficult to get motivated again and get started. But so far it's going extremely well and I'm thrilled with the motivation that has suddenly gripped me. I assume that the warmer days were the trigger for this. Two days of training are followed by a day off. That's how it works best for me.Some of you who are from Berlin, or are passionate about soccer, have probably heard of the adidas BASE. It's also called adidas Football - The BASE Berlin. What's it all about? As the name suggests, it is a soccer venue located in the Wedding district of Berlin. Designed by young footballers, for young footballers. I was able to see the whole thing myself together with Christopher when we were in Berlin last year to attend the DFB Cup final. Shortly before the game, we were allowed to take a closer look at the BASE. It felt like we were in a movie :D There was cool music playing and everyone was in a good mood. Big praise to adidas at this point. Happy kids who no longer have to play soccer on the street but can be part of a community and take part in small tournaments, but now adidas thought it was time for a different kind of BASE, a RUNBASE that revolves around the running lifestyle. The concept reminds me a little of boxing, as we know it from Crossfit, but BASE doesn't just offer a space, but also everything else that should go with it. All members have access to information about food and nutritional advice, as well as performance-oriented medical care. There is also a 65 square meter area for yoga and functional training, an outdoor area with a training course and a fitness trail. The RUNBASE also has an integrated adidas Running store. In the running store, products can be tested, personal advice can be given and access to limited offers is available. No desire or time to cook at home? adidas has thought ahead and integrated a LAB Kitchen into the system. The menu includes fresh and healthy, raw vegan food and other great delicacies. Why isn't there a BASE like this in Düsseldorf? Hello adidas, if you're reading this: I also want a BASE in NRW. I would definitely be there and would love to be part of the community. Thank you! :DThe #RUNBASEBerlin is open for everyone from Monday to Sunday from 7am to 10pm. The opening hours of the LAB Kitchen are Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 4 pm. The RUNBASE is located at Schleusenufer 4 in 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg. If you don't dare, you'll stay unhealthy and flabby this year too. It's your own fault! :D- Silvi

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