adidas Promodel Metal Toe - latest pickup

  • adidas Promodel Metal Toe - latest pickup

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I'm back in the game guys! A thousand kisses to Christopher who has been giving you the full load lately and all without female support. (Long live ambiguity!:D) Since my exam period is finally over, I'm back and taking care of the stuff concerning the ladies and everything else interesting about streetwear and sneakers.Since the rumor is going around that I own few shoes, it was time for a new pair again!* Directly from adidas, me and my feet may welcome and enjoy the adidas Promodel Metal Toe. (*Why you always lyin'???)A high-top Superstar with a suede upper in crocodile skin look. The whole thing is rounded off with a white sole and a golden metal toe cap. Black and white is unbeatable anyway, paired with shiny details of course all the more feminine and beautiful. I think there is almost no woman on planet earth who doesn't celebrate the metal toe! You can't go wrong with this model. Also great for all the girls out there who choose their shoes depending on the weather and prefer to leave their lighter-colored shoes at home on rainy days. Anyway, that's how I feel :DBock on the adidas Promodel Metal Toe? Check out adidas or Afew. Attention: it's even on sale at Afew. So get on it boys and girls! The perfect Christmas present for anyone who doesn't have anything yet :) #ThankMeLater

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