adidas Originals x SNS Brewery Pack - Release info

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Beer and sneakers? yes, sneakersnstuff seems to know what we like.The sneaker collaborations of the past have already been real hits, and with this pack it seems as if the crew from SNS have done everything right again.I particularly like the EQT Guidance 93 "Malt" and will probably be the most popular model from the pack. I also like the "Copper Kettle" Stan Smith and the ZX Flux "Aged Copper", both of which are not real "must-haves" for me, but the official release for the first model starts on May 16th. After that, one model will be added every week!You can get more information directly here at SNS. Click!

"adidas Originals "Brewery Pack", a SMU pack from Sneakersnstuff, takes inspiration from the old brewery we have across the street from our store in Stockholm. Back in the 19th century, our entire block used to be a huge brewing company where you would find giant copper kettles, farmers bringing in malt and hops and of course bottles and bottles of beer."

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