adidas Originals x NIGO Part II - Lookbook

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After the first collection at the beginning of the year, adidas Originals and Nigo followed up a few weeks ago with their second joint collection.The second collection includes a large selection of different textiles and sneakers that combine classic adidas silhouettes with Nigo's unmistakable style, with the NIGO Coach Jacket (my favorite!!!), the Rugby Shirt and the Aloha Shirts as key pieces. There are also lots of sweaters, tank tops and T-shirts, all of which are actually worth a look. Here and there, the items are a little too colorful for me, but since I already bought the first drop, it will probably be similar with the second collection.Of the sneakers, I naturally like the different variations of the Stan Smith the best. The City Marathon and the Shooting Star Hi are unfortunately not my cup of tea, but you can find all the items in the collection in the adidas online store.
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