adidas Originals x Mastermind - first look

  • Adidas_Mastermind_NMD_Tubular-12

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This morning, our colleagues at Solebox have released the first images of the new adidas Originals x Mastermind collabo. The collabo includes two models, the NMD_XR1 and the Tubular Invader, and the official release of both models will take place next week on September 20th. I'll let you know which stores will be involved in the next few days on Facebook. A quick opinion from me: The adidas NMD Xr1 kills everything, but will probably be extremely hard to get. Even the Tubular looks good! :)

  • Adidas_Mastermind_NMD_Tubular-1
  • Adidas_Mastermind_NMD_Tubular-18
  • Adidas_Mastermind_NMD_Tubular-19
  • Adidas_Mastermind_NMD_Tubular-6
  • Adidas_Mastermind_NMD_Tubular-5
  • Adidas_Mastermind_NMD_Tubular-3
  • Adidas_Mastermind_NMD_Tubular-10
  • Adidas_Mastermind_NMD_Tubular-12
  • Adidas_Mastermind_NMD_Tubular-14
  • Adidas_Mastermind_NMD_Tubular-2
  • Adidas_Mastermind_NMD_Tubular-4
  • Adidas_Mastermind_NMD_Tubular-16
  • Adidas_Mastermind_NMD_Tubular-20
  • Adidas_Mastermind_NMD_Tubular-8

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