adidas Originals WMNS Paisley Apparel

  • adidas Originals WMNS Paisley Apparel

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The time has finally come and I'm proud to present you our very first post in English!Since the reach of is growing daily, we would like to have a blog, that is internationally understandable for all of our followers around the globe. This is the 1st post in English, but not the last one, if you guys like it. We would highly appreciate the feedback and probably come back with a lot more in English! :)Let's get down to business. This post is about the brand with the 3 stripes. The womens adidas Originals Paisley Apparel Capsule Collection, which is out now for sale. I already talked about this collection and told you guys that I absolutely adore what adidas Originals created for the ladies. My favorite pieces of the collection are the black sweatshirt and the tracksuit jacket! Guilty, I lied! I also love the leggings, the snapback, the long sleeve and the tracksuit pants :DYou can literally combine every top piece with a different bottom piece without even looking bad! I was really surprised that I was able to say 'Hey I would totally go out like this'. All over paisley is the new black! Remember that. Preach :D The model, who is also one of my main chicks at the same time, said the exact same thing.what do you think? Do you agree with us? Which one is your favorite look? Spread the word and become a fan on Facebook to stay updated about daily news, sneaker releases and a lot more about streetwear, brands we love or even movies that we would like to recommend. Enjoy the eye candy ;)Model Natalia Slomczewska Camera/Edit Silvia Doganay

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  • adidasoriginals-paisley-apparel-004
  • adidasoriginals-paisley-apparel-005
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  • adidasoriginals-paisley-apparel-010
  • adidasoriginals-paisley-apparel-011
  • adidasoriginals-paisley-apparel-012
  • adidasoriginals-paisley-apparel-013
  • adidasoriginals-paisley-apparel-014
  • adidasoriginals-paisley-apparel-015
  • adidasoriginals-paisley-apparel-016
  • adidasoriginals-paisley-apparel-017
  • adidasoriginals-paisley-apparel-018
  • adidasoriginals-paisley-apparel-019
  • adidasoriginals-paisley-apparel-020
  • adidasoriginals-paisley-apparel-021
  • adidasoriginals-paisley-apparel-022
  • adidasoriginals-paisley-apparel-023
  • adidasoriginals-paisley-apparel-024
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