adidas Originals - The Superstar Issue

  • adidas Originals - The Superstar Issue

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Some well-known sneaker silhouettes are celebrating their anniversary in 2015. However, one of the most famous sneaker icons clearly stands out - the Superstar from adidas Originals.What does it actually mean to be a real superstar? For one thing, real superstars need the right sneakers. But is this feature alone enough? This is exactly the question adidas Originals tries to answer in the new "The Superstar Issue". They are supported by three familiar faces: Alex Flach, Eskei83 and Oliver Jopke.Alex is one of the German skateboard pioneers and is well known in the scene through his store "Civilist". In his article, he describes the beginnings of the German skate scene and explains how the superstar, which was originally designed as a basketball shoe, became one of the first skate shoes ever.Eskei83, to whom I've had the pleasure of swinging my beautiful hips several times myself, draws a comparison between real DJing and the "disc jockey" fad.Last but not least, well-known blogger Oliver Jopke has his fingers in the pie. Oliver is the mind and creator behind the Berlin fashion blog "Zeitgeschmack" and introduces creative people from our capital city Berlin in his article.

adidas Tubular Runner

My personal highlight of the new adidas Originals Superstar Issue is the report on the new adidas Tubular Runner. With its progressive design, the Tubular has been causing a stir in the scene for months and even I have been smitten by the model several times. I think I now own five different colorways, all of which are used regularly. I personally like the Tubular because of its tubular sole construction, which is also the most striking feature of the silhouette. The Tubular is an absolute eye-catcher and is always a talking point, no matter where I'm out and about. In addition to an eye-catching design, the Tubular also offers great comfort, which I attribute to the dual density EVA sole. The material is simply great and has already proven itself several times in the past.

adidas Superstar Supercolor by Pharrell Williams

Another release that has given me a lot of pleasure in recent weeks is the collaboration with Pharrell Williams, which resulted in the adidas Superstar Supercolor Series has emerged from.I think it's damn brave of adidas to put 50 (!!!) different colorways on one shoe. There has never been anything like it before and adidas has taken an enormous risk, which was ultimately rewarded. The Superstar Supercolor Series is sold out everywhere and I still get requests from my users where different colorways are still available. A great project with which adidas has made quite a splash this year.

What else!

Of course, the contents of the adidas Tubular Runner and the adidas Superstar Supercolor are not the only topics I liked. I was particularly impressed by the picture series by online magazine iGNANT, who organized a great shoot on the rooftops of Berlin. The girls' outfits in particular come across really well. My blogger colleague Silvia particularly likes the report on the new adidas Originals series by Rita Ora. You already know from her contributions to the previous collections how much she likes the clothes of the famous singer Rita Ora. It's bright and colorful, just perfect for summer! By the way, the release of the new issue will also be accompanied by a great competition on Instagram. adidas is offering you the chance to win your favorite outfit. How? It's simple: take photos of the styles you like and post them on Instagram with the hashtag #adidasOriginalsSeries and tag @adidas_en. However, there is one thing to keep in mind: the pictures you choose must be marked with the adidas Trefoil logo. Easy, right?! :)By the way, you can read the complete adidas Originals The Superstar Issue directly here. I'd be happy if you took a look, after all, an issue like this is always a lot of work and should be appreciated accordingly.

  • adidas Originals - The Superstar Issue
  • adidas Originals - The Superstar Issue
  • adidas Originals - The Superstar Issue
  • adidas Originals - The Superstar Issue
  • adidas Originals - The Superstar Issue
  • adidas Originals - The Superstar Issue
  • adidas Superstar Supercolor by Pharrell Williams
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  • adidas Originals - The Superstar Issue

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