adidas Originals - The Collective Issue

  • adidas Originals - The Collective Issue

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The adidas Originals "The Collective Issue" is the third and last issue of the adidas Originals Series this year. Personally, I'm always happy when I get to write an article about the adidas Originals Series. The articles are always super informative and usually contain lots of interesting people, characters and stories, but the adidas Originals "The Collective Issue" is really something special for me personally. Wondering why? Let me explain: In this issue, two of my colleagues got a really cool feature. Johannes and Kane, who are probably better known to many under the pseudonyms Pangea.Productions and Knuckler Kane, founded the photographer collective allupinitt a few months ago, which includes the two guys and a few other well-known faces from the sneaker and streetwear scene.the allupinitt team is characterized above all by the unique styles of the various artists. The idea was to concentrate all these different influences and individual styles of the guys in one channel and to create unique content with a new visual language.For the feature in the new adidas Originals Series, Johannes and Kane took the new EQT Collection in front of the lens. In addition to great shots of the adidas EQT ADV, which is enjoying great popularity this year, they also took some nice pictures of the rest of the equipment collection.In addition to the allupinitt feature, there are plenty of other exciting stories in the new adidas Originals "The Collective Issue", which you can now pick up free of charge in selected adidas Originals stores. The article about the new White Mountaineering collection, for example, is first class. The article about the currently still lesser-known music collective "Entourage" is also super interesting and enjoyable to read.

Here's the link to the adidas online shop

If you don't have the opportunity to visit one of the stores in person, you can use the "The Collective Issue" at the following link.

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