adidas Originals Swedish Satellite Pack by Sneakersnstuff

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adidas Originals and Sneakersnstuff have teamed up to launch the Swedish Satellite Pack, inspired by a funny story from the history of space travel. In the 1960s, astronaut Michael Collins lost his camera during a space walk. Ironically, the camera was never recovered and has since been considered the first Swedish satellite in space.the Swedish Satellite Pack consists of three models from the Herzogenaurach product portfolio: the Stan Smith, the adidas Tubular and the adidas Superstar. To be honest, only the Tubular appeals to me personally, even though I'm not the biggest fan of this "All Black" stuff. The Stan Smith is definitely too feminine for me and the Superstar is just too uncomfortable. In summary, an "easy pass", simply because I already have too many Tubulars at home and the official release date for the Stan Smith is September 12th. So this week. The Tubular will follow on September 16 and the Superstar on September 19, i.e. next Saturday.You can find all three models in the SNS online store as of now.

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