adidas Originals Shelltoe Apparel Capsule Collection

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In the year of the superstar, the Herzogenaurach-based brand is giving it their all and presenting another fashion collection for the superstar with the adidas Originals Shelltoe Apparel Capsule Collection for men. Various classics from the adidas sportswear line have been given an all-over print in a shelltoe design and the result is quite impressive, because I already have a few selected pieces here with me and I really love them. The tracksuit bottoms with the Superstar emblems on the three stripes are particularly good. The baseball cap with superstar patch and matching crewneck is also really cool! Men who want to make a statement in the spirit of the superstar can now order the Shelltoe Men's Apparel Capsule collection via is the adidas Superstar February Lookbook.

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