adidas Originals NMD_R2 #urbanexploration

  • adidas Originals NMD_R2 #urbanexploration

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I and some of my colleagues were already able to marvel at the further development of the new adidas NMD_R2 a few months ago in Herzogenaurach. Earlier this week, the release for the beginning of December was finally officially announced and with the new NMD_R2, adidas presents the successor to the NMD_R1, which in my eyes has the potential to be the sneaker of the year. This year, the NMD_R1 has simply cleared everything and won many new fans for the brand with the three stripes. In my view, it is therefore only logical for adidas to drive the success of the NMD forward with fresh innovations and a wider range of models.For the launch of the NMD_R2, adidas presents two different colorways with the so-called "Shadow Noise" motif. The missing plugs on the outer midsole, which so many people were annoyed about when the NMD was launched, are striking. The suede patch is intended to give the NMD_R2 the necessary contrast.To celebrate the release of the adidas NMD_R2 in style, adidas sent my colleague Knuckler Kane to Paris to realize a conceptual shoot in a dilapidated college for architects. Abandoned places like this are much more than the cold remnants of our society. They provide inspiration for a new generation that, with its increased interest in music and design, is subject to a similarly constant change as the NMD.The NMD_R2 will be available from the beginning of December in all flagship stores, the adidas online shop and selected partners. The WMNS colorway will be presented to you in another article over the next few days.

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