adidas Originals NMD_R1- Release info & finally back from Berlin

  • adidas Originals NMD_R1- Release info & finally back from Berlin

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So guys, you've probably noticed that I was in Berlin this week to go to the NMD party by adidas and Dandy Diary. I'm a bit stressed at university at the moment and don't have much time, so unfortunately I didn't get to go to Solemart on Sunday. I briefly visited Seek on Wednesday, but then flew home again late in the evening. I can tell you that the stress of studying and university is really annoying and many of you sent me messages during the party asking for photos. I also have a few snapshots of the event itself, but not of the new adidas NMD models. That's logical, because 1. no photos were allowed and 2. we bloggers were only allowed to take a very brief look at the colorways for this year anyway. what I can and may say is that the NMD will definitely come in some great variations. Some of them were really interesting and we only saw the regular releases on Tuesday evening. Collabo models are not shown at such events at all and I am one of the lucky few who received the Friends & Family NMD before the adidas NMD event. According to rumors, there are probably only 150 pairs of these. The thing is definitely really good and I suspect I'll be able to show you a few more pictures at the weekend. Oh...before I forget: There are already a few fakes of this exact model on eBay. So be careful what you buy. The release of the second colorway of the adidas NMD is coming up on January 30th. The sneaker is called the NMD_R1 and has already been exhibited at the event. adidas has even built its own landing page for the NMD. This underlines once again the ambitions adidas has with the 2016 model, and if you fancy picking up the second "official" colorway of the NMD, it's best to head straight to the online store from adidas. Of course, other major stores such as asphaltgold, 43einhalb, afew or Overkill also have the NMD in their range, but you can already get more information about the model at adidas. Have fun, I'm still learning... :D

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