adidas Originals NMD_R1 - latest pickup

  • adidas Originals NMD_R1 - latest pickup

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I'd say that it was definitely "love at first sight" for me and this NMD_R1 "Blue Glow", later also love after the first step :DMy male friends hate me because the NMD_R1 is a pure womens runner. But my female friends are equally miserable because they didn't get them and they simply sold out far too quickly. Thanks adidas Originals haha, now I've got the salad. But well, I can live with that, if it's just the shoes I'm hated for, all cool. Let's move on to the superficial part when it comes to judging the look. I think the material and color scheme are great. The mesh and neoprene upper in particular isn't too bad for warmer days. I also like the pull loop with branding on the heel, which gives the whole thing an interesting accent. The shoe is inspired by three familiar models: the Micro Pacer, Boston Super and Rising Star. The only drawback in my eyes: the laces are too long and could have been a little shorter. But even that's not a thorn in the side if you can find shorter shoelaces and simply replace them. Now I just need to find some. #FirstWorldProblemsThe latest silhouette from the house with the three stripes is extremely well received, but if we think back to the ZX Flux release or ultra Boost release, we don't know any different from adidas. Innovation and style simply go down well. We can look forward to seeing how the story of the NMD continues. I see the Primeknit models or the NMD_CS1 aka City Sock very high up. Excuse me, but glow in the dark, hello? That's all I need to say. As you can see, I'm thrilled, I'm more than convinced, and I'd certainly be sitting here until tomorrow if I started talking about the comfort. But those of you who have already had the pleasure of wearing the Boost sole know very well that it's not just an empty promise when I tell you that the Boost sole will carry you on its hands and you'll be comfortable and relaxed on your feet all day long. The perfect shoe for anyone who is looking for a comfortable but also good-looking shoe, all that remains for me to say is that you shouldn't be sad that the shoe is sold out. You can look forward to the next drop, which will be available very soon here. I'm sure we can look forward to it.image material: Shot by yours truly- Silvi

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