adidas Originals Gazelle - latest pickup

  • adidas Originals Gazelle - latest pickup

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The 90s are back, my friends! Not just in terms of clothes, but also shoes. You should all have heard by now that the unforgotten icon from Herzogenaurach is back in the game. We're talking about the adidas Originals Gazelle. The lime colorway is simply unbeatable and perfect for a nice contrast that's guaranteed to make any outfit look more interesting, making me want an ice-cold soda and a vacation. I would love to have the one in light blue or pink. Pastel always wins, that's just the way it is for me. After Drake at the latest, everyone has fallen for the beautiful pastel shades. Whether man or woman. There are now countless colorways and different materials for the icon that was first launched in 1966 and then re-released from time to time, whether you combine them feminine with a dress, sporty with skinny jeans or casual with a boyfriend fit. Gazelle always works, just like Superstars always work. I've already combined all kinds of things with the Gazelle and really like the color. At first I was worried that the color would be very difficult to combine, but the sneakers have always been an eye-catcher with any outfit. I have already combined my Gazelle with royal blue, gray and black and was amazed at how much the contrast could enhance the entire outfit. Just be brave and try it out. There's not that much you can do wrong, and I'm surprised that the tongue hardly bothers me when I'm walking. It is as soft as butter and fits my foot perfectly. We all know only too well that new shoes can be pretty uncomfortable at first. But hey, you can take it from me that I didn't have to break them in beforehand until the Gazelle was finally comfortable to run in. I also had hardly any friction or other problems on the heel, even though I was wearing the invisible socks from Stance. The adidas Originals Gazelle are available for 99.90 euros in the adidas online shop and other adidas retailers. Here you can even find some on sale for an unbeatable 69.90 euros. What are you waiting for? You know my motto: Buy now or cry later.

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