adidas Originals Future Issue - out now!

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This week the time has come. The adidas Originals Future Issue is now available at selected retailers and adidas Originals stores. The issue has already attracted attention in the run-up to the adidas Originals Photo Contest and is now finally available as a print or online magazine.The content of the new adidas Originals Future Issue deals with the future. And not the future as dictated to us by trends or the mainstream, but the future that everyone is shaping through their own activities. This issue once again features some interesting guest authors. My friend and colleague Adrian looks at the new successful silhouette from Herzogenaurach: the adidas NMD! The NMD has been causing quite a stir among sneaker lovers since the beginning of the year and is currently one of the most sought-after models on the market. Adrian provides some interesting background information on the creation of the silhouette and reveals why the adidas NMD has become his first choice among the multitude of the latest sneaker releases, and you will also find articles with Michael Wiethaus, Bibi Bourelly and Sarah Feingold in the new adidas Originals Series Future Issue. Michael deals with the fashion development of the skateboard scene and gives a short outlook on current trends and developments in the industry.Sarah Feingold's contribution deals with the new tennis collection from adidas Originals and proves that sports fashion doesn't just have to be functional, but can also look good.The singer Bibi Bourelly is best known to me for her song "Bitch better have my money". The singer is one of the newcomers in the music industry and tells her success story in the latest issue of adidas Originals Issue.s

The Mainz-based design collective has created a beautiful photo series about the fashion of the future, which also features some great images of the new adidas NMD.

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  • adidas Originals Future Issue - out now!

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