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All over the world, adidas Originals is opening new flagship stores in the most important cities, with the first store opening on Friday, March 28, 2014 at Münzstraße 13-15 in Berlin Mitte. Over the course of the year, further stores will gradually follow, presenting the best adidas Originals products: limited edition sneaker highlights such as a ZX FLUX with the satellite photo print of the respective cosmopolitan city will be available here, and events and product launches will be organized throughout the year in line with the spirit of Berlin Mitte. The streetwear brand attaches particular importance to the stores' surroundings, i.e. the culture in which the stores are rooted. adidas Originals focuses on its neighborhood and pays tribute to Berlin's diverse "Kiezkultur" in a manifesto that was designed together with Berliners: "Berlin, you embrace me.You snout with a heart, I fall for you.Your tempo is addictive, makes you free.And fleeting.Oh, I love the way you dance!To the beat that booms out of the bunkers.Your veins glow red in the night.Your thousand faces, they make you beautiful.And every one of your lies is true.I must love you!How else can I understand you.And no matter where you take me,Berlin, I'll let you happen.In collaboration with selected artists such as graphic designer Saskia Hahn, photographer Oliver Rath and the creative duo "Sonice", the manifesto was translated into works of art that are as original as the world metropolis Berlin itself.I personally will probably also be a guest and am really excited to see what adidas will present. Knowing the people at adidas, it's going to be a huge party - just like the previous events I was able to attend. You will of course find a detailed review of my trip to the flagship store here on the site.

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