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I presented the first edition of the adidas Originals Series 2015 a few weeks ago. In the course of the upcoming festival season, adidas Originals now presents the next issue, which is sure to please with additional stories and even more pages.You've surely all read the Superstar Issue and know that there are always plenty of exciting stories and editorials to discover in the adidas Originals Series. The new Festival Issue is in no way inferior and once again offers great information and reading material, including, for example, Till Jagla, my friend and the brains behind the successful miadidas products. In his interview, Till talks about the "Customization Project" itself and provides a brief insight into his highlights as Category Director at adidas Originals. He also gives an outlook of what we can expect in the future in the area of personalized products.

Julian Gupta, the person who brings us the hottest bookings every year at the splash! Festival every year, talks about the fashionable development of the most important festivals in recent years. He philosophizes about trends from different festival decades and, last but not least, gives a good tip to all those who have been denied a visit to the splash! Festival so far ;)

Fabian Hart writes in "Festivals goes Hart" about the Adilette as a fashion accessory and explains well-known festivals such as Coachella or Glastonbury as the catwalks of today's fashion world.

The centerpiece of the issue is the photo series by Brit The Kid, photographer and editor of Fizzymag. She skillfully stages hip pieces from the current adidas Originals collection in the middle of a festival.

The athlete Eyinmisan Haldin is better known as "Misan". Milan is one of the best streetball players in Berlin and a legend in the field. He talks about himself, his sport and how basketball became his passion. A super interesting guy and a must-read for basketball fans.

adidas Originals Los Angeles

The story about the new Los Angeles naturally interested me the most with my sneaker affinity. As a "sneaker blogger", I simply have to be up-to-date in this area. It's completely logical that a new silhouette from my favorite brand plays an extremely important role in this, and of course I already own the new edition of the LA Trainer myself and have high hopes for the model in the coming months. I'm sure that we can look forward to many new and exciting colorways of the Los Angeles, especially in August. adidas Originals will once again draw from the full range for this model, similar to the ZX Flux, and I personally really like the Los Angeles. The shoe is perfect for summer and I'm looking forward to adding more color and material combinations to my sneaker collection.

adidas Originals Stan Smith

The Stan Smith already made a brilliant comeback last year and will be an integral part of the streets of European cities in the coming months. Especially in Paris, the Stan Smith is a frequently seen companion and has a significant influence on the style of this fashion-conscious city. What I particularly like about the Stan Smith is that adidas Originals is not afraid to consistently develop this rather classic silhouette further. New colorways and material combinations, some of them even by well-known stars and artists, ensure that this sports shoe icon never gets boring. Even the miadidas configurator provides many options for the Stan Smith and illustrates what is still possible with this model. The Stan Smith is an "all-time classic" and it's impossible to imagine the sneaker circus without it.

What else?

Of course, the reports about the Stan Smith and Los Angeles aren't the only interesting topics in the new Festival Issue.The "Call All Creators" interview with Till, who is an enthusiastic sneaker collector himself, is definitely super good and really interesting. I think it's great to take a look behind the scenes and get to know the people behind such projects. Even the SNEAKERNAUTICS are mentioned in the article! It's great!

In addition, there's also a preview of the fall/winter collection from adidas Originals. Of course, I didn't miss the opportunity to pick out my personal favorites. You can find the other styles here! For those who don't live near the adidas Originals flagship stores, you can check out the Festival Issue online. There's also a cool competition on page 33, as adidas Originals is giving away a total of five miadidas vouchers that you can use to design your own shoe. Whow! The release of the Festival Issue will also be accompanied by a great competition on Instagram. adidas Originals is offering you the chance to win your favorite outfit. adidas Originals is also giving away two tickets for the MS Dockland Festival. How do you do it? It's simple: Take photos of the styles you like and post them on Instagram with the hashtag #adidasOriginalsSeries and tag @adidas_en. There is one thing to keep in mind, however, and that is that the pictures you choose must be marked with the adidas Trefoil logo and photographed from the original booklet. Good luck to you!

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  • adidas Originals - The Festival Issue

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