adidas NMD Release in August - Overview of my favorite models

  • adidas NMD Release in August - Overview of my favorite models

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You already know that the guys from Herzogenaurach will be presenting us with 17 new colorways of the NMD this month (in the States even 19! ) .But that's not the only news about the release, because adidas is also giving us a further development of the NMD R1 with black Boost soles in the form of the new NMD XR1. The new design is just as sporty as its predecessor. In my opinion, the shape is reminiscent of the recently released adidas EQT ADV, which we also reported on at Dead Stock!I'm curious to see if the shoes will be sold out within seconds with this release too. This will certainly be the case with the Primeknit models of the XR1. I have a different view of the new mesh models of the NMD R1. The most popular colorways will certainly be gone quickly in the most popular sizes, but in my opinion there are also some variants that won't work sooooo well. Let's see.In terms of color, everyone should still get their money's worth, because the company with the 3-Stripes has really thought of everything and used pretty much every color that is currently in demand.Personally, I'm interested in your opinion on the new XR1 design. Do you like the cage? Or did you like the normal NMD R1 better? I prefer the Adidas NMD R1, but I don't think the NMD XR1 is bad or anything. I prefer to wear the Chukka or the City Sock anyway. Those are my real favorites from the NMD family and the competition from adidas is really struggling at the moment. The output is simply too blatant and it's striking that there are hardly any sneakers that aren't accepted by the market. As an old fan of the brand, I'm happy about that. #respectThe good pieces will be available here from August 26th! Here's another overview of my favorites. You can find the rest here!

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  • adidas-nmd-august10
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