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The adidas Haven was secretly and quietly released in local stores at the end of December. Even I didn't have the adidas Haven on my radar at all, which was partly due to the rather poor marketing (no offense intended) for the shoe, and partly due to the break I took over the holidays.the adidas Haven is not a completely genuine retro, i.e. a 1:1 copy of an old sneaker, but a further development of the adidas Mercury from 1985. Only the shape has been adapted to the wishes of today's target group ( GEIL, I'm still working on my thesis in my head :D ). Joking aside, the shape has become significantly more wedge-shaped compared to the original and should actually give EVERYONE who is currently celebrating the "new" 1s a wet panty. This is just #realtalk and my opinion on the shape. Even those reworked cucumbers with bubbles can pack their bags. Unfortunately, there's not really much to say about the Haven's materials. But I don't think you have to at this price point. Nevertheless, the material mix of nylon and suede makes a good impression and is - THANK GOD - free of adhesive residue. At least that's the case with my pair. The workmanship is absolutely satisfactory and fully in line. Incidentally, I took my normal US 11.5, which fits me pretty well, and I got my pair directly here from the local sneaker store and put them on straight away. You can also take a look at afew, Sneakerhelden or adidas, because I noticed other colorways of the adidas Haven there. In my opinion, it's simply a good shoe, especially if you like simple and honest trainers. An absolute insider tip in my eyes, which will serve as my daily "to-go" sneaker in summer. #shapefanatics

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