adidas Futurecraft 4D - first look

  • adidas Futurecraft 4D - first look

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adidas continues to work on the Futurecraft series and today presented the Futurecraft 4D.

So forget the technical progress of the previously released 3D print. adidas has now developed the world's first high-performance sneaker whose midsole is produced using digital light synthesis and oxygen. Light projection, oxygen-permeable optics and programmable liquid resins enable this unprecedented process, which was developed by the revolutionary Silicon Valley tech company Carbon.

As with previous Futurecraft products, the aim of the new 4D sneaker is to respond optimally to the needs of each individual athlete when it comes to freedom of movement, cushioning, stability and comfort. All of these properties are then solely down to the newly developed midsole.

adidas will release the Futurcraft 4D in April with about 300 pairs, with another 5,000 to follow in fall/winter 2017.

Find out more about the project here!

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