From the Sacré Coeur to Red Light Radio: Places+Faces document the ZX Flux Tour

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To celebrate the release of the new adidas ZX Flux ADV Infinite Possibilities Pack, Foot Locker sent a team of young creatives on a tour through Europe with the request to document the journey. Major cities such as Milan, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and London were on the agenda and the boys certainly stepped on the gas, with the two photographers Places+Faces, who have already attracted attention in the past by working with Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West and other well-known personalities, being part of the crew. The photos of the two photographers always remain completely unedited and "raw", i.e. they are not further edited or embellished, and it is precisely this style that the Places+Faces team of photographers also used for the documentation of the adidas ZX Flux ADV Infinite Possibilites Tour through Europe. Fred De Palma in Milan, Olson in Berlin, Disciples in London, Distortion in Amsterdam and lots of other locals and residents of the respective cities are among the participants. You can find some of the pictures in the following gallery, so don't miss to scroll down and check it all out.The adidas Originals ZX Flux ADV Infinite Possibilities Pack is available exclusively at Foot Locker.

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