adidas EQT Racing 93 'Triple Black' Overkill Exclusive - online now

  • adidas EQT Racing 93 'Triple Black' Overkill Exclusive - online now

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When you hear adidas EQT Racing 93 and Overkill in the same sentence, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the cab. But some of you might be thinking: "What kind of cab is she talking about?". If you don't know what I'm talking about, you probably missed the comeback of the adidas Equipment Racing 93 last year. Whereupon adidas collaborated with Overkill for the first time. The result was the "Taxi" colorway. You can read about the inspiration behind the sneaker here. Christopher had written a great article about it, which goes into detail about it and now, a few months after the "Taxi" release, there is no collaboration with big specials, but there is an Overkill Exclusive colorway called "Triple Black". It's priced at €109.95, which is pretty affordable, and is available in sizes 36 - 48 2/3 here.As the name "Triple Black" suggests, this is an all-black shoe. All accents are in black. It certainly looks better live than in pictures. I'm not a fan of black midsoles, but in this case you can really go for it. I've never seen a woman who has dared to wear this silhouette before, but I can imagine that it would look good on small feet. What do the women say? Would you wear it now that men are rocking wmns colorways, even though it's not meant for men? Or is this more of a running shoe for men that we would like to leave to the men? I'd be interested to hear your opinion. Let me know!Images: Overkill- Silvi

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