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Before I start my post for the new adidas Futurecraft MFG today, I thought I'd show you the adidas EQT 93/16. When adidas reissued all the EQT retros two years ago, I was always at the forefront and bought countless of the old and new colorways. I was really happy about the reissue because I personally was never able to get one of the sought-after OG models. Although that's not actually true. I did have the opportunity to get an "original", but then only for a price above €500. And I don't pay that kind of money for shoes. In the meantime, I have to admit that I wear the EQT Retros less than I did a year ago. I still love the look, but at the moment I'm all about the new technologies, i.e. Primeknit, Futurecraft and Boost. When I reach for the EQT Retros, it's usually the OG colorways or the black Pusha T. I was also critical of the EQT Support 93/16 at first. As I said, I love the EQTs at least as much as the new Boost technology. But both together on one shoe? In the meantime, however, the majority of my rotation actually consists of sneakers with the Boost sole. So I thought to myself: you have the Pure Boost, the Ultra Boost, the NMD and a few other models with this technology. So why not try the adidas EQT Support 93/16? The EQT Support 93/16 arrived about two weeks ago and I'm sure some of you have already seen the sneaker on Snapchat. Unfortunately, I only managed to take the EQT Support 93/16 for a walk this week. The first impression (always very important for me) was definitely great. The sole is super comfortable and the upper offers similar good support as the Ultra Boost (the tongue of the EQT is placed around the instep) and I was really worried about the size at first. As you know, the EQT Retros usually run a whole size too big. With the EQT Support 93/16, however, I went "true to size" and it fits perfectly. My colorway, classic white with a black outsole, can actually be worn on anything. The combination of black and white always works, and I have to give slight marks for the shape of the adidas EQT 93/16. It's a well-known fact that the Retros have all become somewhat chunky and this has continued with the 93/16. However, because the Boost sole is much more flexible than that of the Retros, the "shape problem" should resolve itself after a few days. Overall, I'm personally very happy with the adidas EQT 93/16. I think "The best of both worlds" is an exaggerated statement, but I think the further development of the EQT Support is a real success. The DNA of the model has hardly been changed, only the comfort has improved a lot, and if you're interested in the adidas EQT 93/16, you'll find three different colorways in the adidas online store.

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