adidas EQT Racer 2.0 - latest pickup

  • adidas EQT Racer 2.0 - latest pickup

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It's that time again! I've got new shoes at the start again! :)My latest pickup is the adidas EQT Racer 2.0. I had already reported here how convinced I was, but I didn't think that this sneaker would blow me away again when I opened the box. In black and white, it's just mega cool. A very interesting shoe that is so eye-catching. I've seen lots of men and women today almost falling on their noses again just to be able to look at my sneakers for 2 seconds longer. Awesome shit :DIt wouldn't be so bad to own other colors, but let's stay on the carpet. There are still some great things coming from the house of the three stripes this year and I already have a small/large storage problem.Oh and I finally have the matching black and white adidas shoe for my paisley leggings from the adidas Originals Paisley Apparel Capsule Collection. I couldn't be happier! Wore both for the first time today and super happy :D

  • adidas-eqt-racer-2-0-001
  • adidas-eqt-racer-2-0-005
  • adidas-eqt-racer-2-0-004
  • adidas-eqt-racer-2-0-003
  • adidas-eqt-racer-2-0-002
  • adidas-eqt-racer-2-0-009
  • adidas-eqt-racer-2-0-008
  • adidas-eqt-racer-2-0-007
  • adidas-eqt-racer-2-0-006

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