eBay The ’85 Shop – a homage to the Jordan 1 for the theatrical release of “AIR”

eBay The ’85 Shop

Some may not have it on their screens: on April 5th the “AIR” film hit the cinemas. We have already reported on the Air Jordan film . Check out the post here , you can watch the trailer. The film is about the deal between Nike and Michael Jordan. And as you all know: with the deal, the world of Nike in basketball turned 180 degrees, because the Jordan 1 High was created. The silhouette wowed everyone and Nike became the celebrated brand in basketball. To celebrate the film and the silhouette, eBay has come up with a pretty nice promotion. eBay The '85 Shop is April 5-15 in Chicago. Of course, since we can't all fly to Chicago, there is also a virtual Jordan 1 shop in Germany. All information about the campaign and our highlights from the shop can be found here in the article.

In 1985, the Air Jordan was introduced to the world. This shoe was the first signature sneaker to emerge from Michael Jordan's historic sponsorship deal with Nike . This partnership quickly changed sneaker culture. He is definitely responsible for modern sneaker culture and the resulting sneakerheads. And the partnership has subconsciously created one of the most iconic silhouettes of all time. The Jordan 1 High . Almost 40 years later, the shoe is back in the spotlight in 2023, the “Jordan Year”. Because the film “Air” about the deal with Michael Jordan and the rise of Nike and the Air Jordan brand has been in cinemas since April 5th.


To celebrate the Jordan 1, eBay teamed up with seller @solestage to launch a pop-up in Chicago called “eBay The '85 Shop”. There you can admire and shop not only the finest Jordan 1 High silhouettes but also some other classics from the 80s. To be precise: the sellers @shoezeum , @hersheypajp and @solebriety101 are selling some gold pieces. These include Nike models that can be seen in the film “AIR”, a huge Jordan 1 High collection and well-known basketball classics from the 80s. Since most of us from Germany can't even fly to Chicago, eBay has one virtual action considered. From April 5th to 15th there will be a curated Jordan 1 Shop that will show you all Jordan 1 auctions in your reach. We took a look at the shop and picked out our highlights:


Simply click on the respective image to go directly to the product!

eBay The '85 Shop
eBay The '85 Shop
eBay The '85 Shop
eBay The '85 Shop
eBay The '85 Shop

You can bid on our highlights and all other Jordan 1 High sneakers on eBay until April 15th! Browse through the selection from the Jordan 1 Shop . Of course, all Air Jordan's with a sales price of more than 100 euros go through the eBay authenticity check . If you still don't know how nice the eBay authenticity check is: check our article here . Happy Jordan 1 High shopping!


Maybe a few of you would like to sell your Jordan 1 High on eBay now. We have listed all the advantages of selling on eBay for you here:

  • The sales commission is only 5%
  • The eBay authenticity check does not cost anything extra, it applies to sneakers with a sales price of more than 100 euros
  • After the test, each sneaker gets an NFC tag, with which the shoe can be easily resold and your buyers can see all the important facts about the shoe
  • Uploading shoes is super easy! Just make sure that you photograph your sneakers against a white background and describe them adequately
  • Last but not least: You can also sell used sneakers, that's our highlight

If you have any questions for us, you can easily reach us via the message function of all social media channels. Have fun browsing the eBay The '85 Shop ! We're celebrating the campaign and have already bid on a pair. Which one remains our secret. We don't want the sneaker to be too expensive!

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eBay The '85 Shop
eBay The '85 Shop

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