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Vegan sneakers are becoming more and more relevant in times of more sustainable living. Most brands have understood this and offer alternatives to their leather products, but none is as consistent as Veja. If you buy sneakers from the French brand, you can be sure that everyone involved has been paid fairly and that the materials are eco-friendly and of high quality.

Vegan sneakers

Why should I buy vegan sneakers from Veja?

As already mentioned, sustainability is part of Veja ‘s corporate philosophy. Anyone who is concerned about the environment, lives vegan or values fairness is totally right with the French brand. Veja was founded in 2005. Since day one, when purchasing raw materials, it has been assumed that there will be no exploitation and that the environment will be protected. For example, the rubber for the soles of Veja sneakers comes from Brazil, where it is harvested from wild rubber trees. As a result, the forests are preserved and not felled due to purposeful cultivation. If that's not enough reason to buy a sneaker from Veja, you can also enjoy the clean design, which makes it a no-brainer when it comes to styling.

Where can I buy vegan trainers or sneakers?

Basically, almost every brand has sneakers in their repertoire that are made vegan. At adidas, for example, it is the Ultraboost or sneakers made of canvas. Nike is similarly polarized and sometimes uses fabrics such as jeans or satin when it comes to materials. In almost all shops we trust, you can now browse through a large selection of Veja products. 43halb or Asphaltgold have a variation of different styles at the start. So if you're going to be looking for a new pair in the near future anyway, you should consider getting one that's made sustainably. Both the quality and the price speak for at least considering it 😉

Vegan sneakers

Of course, Veja has men's and women's models in its range. Simply click on the buttons listed here and you will be shown a great selection from the Veja range.

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