In which stores can I buy cheap sneakers?

Overall. It doesn’t depend on the retailer, but on the point in time. Every store has a sneaker sale and every store sometimes has discount codes that you can use to buy sneakers cheaper. By every store, we mean every store. On this page you will find promotions from brands such as Nike and adidas, exclusive stores such as Solebox or Allike, but also from large chains such as Foot Locker . Everyone who has cool sneakers and temporary offers will sooner or later be listed in this overview. So you can look and browse, as well as check before buying sneakers whether you can get them for a small penny.

How long do I have to wait before I can buy the sneaker cheaper?

How long you should wait before you strike is very individual. With hot releases, it is usually risky not to strike on the launch day or in the launch minute. With general releases, you usually don’t have to stress that much and can wait a few weeks until there is a discount code or the sneakers go on sale. Getting a general release cheap can happen, although we have to warn you here too. It happens that an in-line colorway is so good arrives that it is sold out surprisingly quickly. Ordinarily, however, this should not be the case. In summary, it can be said that you often only have to have a little patience so that you can buy the respective sneaker cheaply and get it under retail.

If you still wanted a sneaker with a hard launch, you can watch the price on reseller platforms like Klekt and co. Sometimes the price goes down; some Yeezys are currently cheaper there than when they were released, for example.

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