Preis 84,99 EUR
Colorway Light Chocolate/Light Blue/Monarch
Product-Code DX4325-200

Why so sad? Nike SB Bruin Mid

The Why so sad Nike SB Bruin Mid is the second sneaker that was designed in collaboration with Nike and wants to draw attention to a major social problem. We have compiled all information about this message, but of course also about the release, in this article.

The story behind the Why so sad? Nike SB Bruin Mid

When you are born and grow up on earth, you sometimes struggle with dark thoughts. Because of this, Scottish skater John Rattray launched a campaign called “Why So Sad?” into life, which addresses mental health awareness and suicide prevention. The aim is to make sport a daily habit because it has a positive effect on our brain.

The Why so sad? Nike SB Bruin Mid comes in an iconic look that's supposed to put you in a good mood. The light blue Swoosh wears over time to reveal a bright Speed Yellow, which is a nod to the process “one goes through when faced with emotional challenges and the strength it takes to… reach a state of contentment,” Rattray said. It's the first SB shoe with a snug fit for superior comfort and board control. Of course, the easy-to-break-in suede feels super supple right from the start, while the embroidered graphics remind you to move, talk and keep asking, “Why So Sad?”

What is Why so sad? In 2017, after losing his sister to suicide and dealing with depression himself, Rattray created the campaign to start a conversation about mental health in the skate community and beyond. The storytelling platform tackles the serious subject with the ease of skater jargon. A large part of the campaign revolves around physical activity, particularly skating and cycling, as a key element of coping and regulation to make more effective progress in the process. “Mental and physical health are intertwined. Our body and mind are one and the same system”. Now it's time to move.

When can you buy the Nike sneaker?

Next to the Why so sad? SB Dunk the SB Bruin Mid will also release on November 10, 2022 and in Nike fashion at 9:00 a.m. Do you want the Why so sad? gain bruin? Then we now have a really good tip to make it work:

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Where can you find the Why so sad? Buy Nike SB Bruin Mid?

Basically, Nike SB models are very popular. Especially if they were also created in a special collaboration. But don't worry, we have prepared you perfectly so that you can get the SB Bruin Mid in the brown colourway. Do you keep this overview before the release of Why so sad? Nike SB Bruin Mid open and simply click on the shop of your choice at the time of release. So nothing should stand in the way of the easy cop.

The Why so sad? Collaboration on the Bruin Mid is currently only available in the Nike online store. Means you have to hurry up to get the Bruin Mid for retail. Should there be other shops or retailers that use the Why so sad? Sell Bruin, we'll add them to our release overview.

By the way, the Nike SB Bruin Mid, which has the item number DX4325-200, will be available at an extremely low price of only 85 euros. Not only is the price really very cheap, but there is also the fact that you are committed to a great project that wants to tackle mental problems.

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Of course we wish you a lot of success with this release and have fun wearing it!

Why so sad? Nike SB Bruin Mid
Why so sad? Nike SB Bruin Mid
Why so sad? Nike SB Bruin Mid
Why so sad? Nike SB Bruin Mid
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