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OFF WHITE Converse Chuck Taylor 70

The OFF WHITE Converse Chuck Taylor 70 from 2019 will be restocked in a few days! Here you can find out all the info about the shoe and where you can get it.

The second collab with Virgil Abloh, the creative and cultural polymath, rediscovers the legendary OFF WHITE Converse Chuck Taylor 70 sneaker from the perspective of his Off White fashion label. His interpretation of the classic silhouette is both respectful and irreverent: Abloh keeps the traditional style, such as vintage canvas and the “license plate,” but adds tabs on the ankle patch, a bright orange sole and overlays with Off-White's iconic black and white stripes, as well as his unrecognizable, subversive label on the laces.

Abloh's contemporary take on a timeless design presents the Chuck 70 x Off-White as a visually stunning statement that never goes out of style.

When can I buy the OFF WHITE Converse Chuck Taylor 70 buy?

The official release date of the Converse x Off White Chuck was of course already in 2019. Now, however, the shoe is restocked in the online store listed here. The restock will take place on March 30, 2021. As you would expect from Converse reles, the release will take place at 10am.

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Where can I buy the OFF WHITE Converse Chuck Taylor 70?

If you are interested in the Chuck Taylor Converse in collaboration with Virgil Abloh and his label Off White, you should check out this review just before the release. Here we show you every available shop where you can buy the shoes and where they are being restocked!

The first release, as well as every other Off White sneaker, sold out immediately within seconds. Therefore, we also assume with this restock that the sneaker will certainly also be sold out very quickly.

The Chuck is in-house Converse online shop stocked. We don't expect more stores to restock any of the sneakers, but should this be the case, we will of course add every available store to our store overview.

So if you really want to buy the Off White Chuck with the item number 163862C, just click through our Release Overview and choose the store of your choice on release day. The model will be priced at around 130 Euros.

As always, we wish you every success with the release and, above all, lots of fun wearing the shoes!

Edit: the release has been postponed indefinitely!

OFF WHITE Converse Chuck Taylor 70
OFF WHITE Converse Chuck Taylor 70
OFF WHITE Converse Chuck Taylor 70
OFF WHITE Converse Chuck Taylor 70
OFF WHITE Converse Chuck Taylor 70
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