Preis 180,00 EUR
Colorway Olive Grey / Oatmeal Iron / Grey Wheat / Grass
Product-Code DH7546-001

Nike ISPA Mindbody Trash

Just listed in the first shops, the Nike ISPA Mindbody Trash will be on our shelves in the next few days. We have therefore packed all the important information about this release into this article.

Not so long ago, pre-distressed sneakers were smiled at. In the meantime, one can even speak of a trend towards pre-distressed sneakers, which is probably due to the fact that vintage fashion is extremely popular. Balenciaga took it all to the extreme, releasing a collection of broken sneakers. Now the Swoosh has also dedicated itself to this topic and will soon release the Nike ISPA Mindbody Trash.

With the Mindbody, the Nike team seems to take the four ISPA pillars – Improvise, Scavenge, Protect and Adapt – quite literally, because the model seems to be the result of years of wandering. The colorway features various shades of brown, giving the knit upper, sole and adjacent elements a look that doesn't look like a brand new sneaker. This is amplified by the shoe's construction, as the parts are welded together in a way that's more reminiscent of repairs than something fresh from production.

When can I buy the Nike sneaker?

We actually have very good news for you, because a few hours ago, the first shop confirmed the release. So you can remember February 24, 2023, because that's when the ISPA Mindbody is supposed to appear. As is usual with Nike releases, the drop will take place at 9:00 am. What could help you so you don't miss the release of Mindbody Trash is our free Dead Stock app for mobile phones.

We have installed a function there that you can use to be reminded of a release. To do this, use the bell icon to select a time at which you would like to be notified. When the time comes, you will receive a push message from our app on your mobile phone, so nothing stands in the way of a successful release. Of course, this applies to all releases that are recorded in our app.

Where can you buy the Nike ISPA Mindbody Trash?

We have found a perfect solution for you. Because it will still be a while before the release of the Nike ISPA Mindbody Trash, not all shops and online stores have confirmed the drop yet. You will get the best possible overview if you open this overview shortly before the release and buy the sneaker with the item number DH7546-001 from one of the linked shops. You read that right, all shops will be linked here in the overview.

So far only the Spanish retailer Footdistrict has confirmed the release of the ISPA Mindbody. One or the other online store will certainly decide to include the sneaker in their range. If that happens, you will find a link to it in our shop overview. By the way, you have to pay a retail price of approx. 180.00 euros for the ISPA Mindbody.

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Nike ISPA Mindbody Trash
Nike ISPA Mindbody Trash
Nike ISPA Mindbody Trash
Nike ISPA Mindbody Trash
Nike ISPA Mindbody Trash
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