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MSCHF Crocs Yellow Big Boot

At Paris Fashion Week, rapper Tommy Cash presented the new collaboration between MSCHF and Crocs. The MSCHF Crocs Yellow Big Boot has once again triggered heated discussions in the comment columns. The MSCHF Plastic Big Boot costs a whopping 350.00 euros. We have summarized all important information about the shoe in this article.

Neither MSCHF nor Crocs are alien to controversy, but how controversial could things get when they work together? During Paris Fashion Week, Estonian rapper Tommy Cash gave the world a glimpse of MSCHF and Crocs joint project. The previously unreleased collab, which ties in with MSCHF's Big Red Boot, has knocked everyone's socks off again, both positively and negatively. The Big Boot comes in the Crocs look: A row of perforations stretches across most of the upper. The classic “Sport Mode” strap with a crocodile completes the Crocs design. The new version certainly allows the wearer a little more air on the inside of the foot and guarantees that you will stand out on the streets anywhere in the world.

For those who don't know, MSCHF (pronounced “mischief”) is an American art collective based in Brooklyn, New York. MSCHF has produced a wide range of artworks ranging from browser plugins to sneakers, physical products, social media channels and AI generated foot photos. “Mischief” means “mischief” and that's what they really stand for with their name. You have to love them or despise them. There is nothing in between.

When can you buy the MSCHF Crocs boot?

No specific details about the project have been announced yet, but that will likely change before the end of the summer. What is certain is that the MSCHF Crocs Yellow Big Boot will come. Because both brands have officially posted the shoe on their IG page. If you don't want to miss any information about the Big Boot, check out our free Dead Stock app. On the left side of each release is a bell icon. If you click on it, you can set a suitable release reminder. Our app will then remind you via push message. Or you favor the sneaker with the flame emoji, then it will end up on your personal page. There you can always check whether there is a release date for the shoe.

Where to buy the MSCHF Crocs Yellow Big Boot?

Of course, the shoe comes directly from MSCHF. But we also assume that the silhouette will also come from Crocs. If we find final information, we will update the shop overview immediately. If you have saved the sneaker in your personal favorites list, you can also see directly whether other shops have been added. We constantly update our releases. Current drops can be found in the upcoming releases. A video with a detailed look at the boot is available here.

If you have any questions, you can always reach us easily via the message function on our following social media channels. What do you think of the MSCHF Crocs Yellow Big Boot?

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