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Formula for success hip hop book

The success formula hip hop book by Tobias Kargoll and Phillip Böndel is now in stores! All information about the hip hop book can be found in this article.

Hip hop is the most important pop culture trend of our time. German rap dominates the charts, streetwear and sneakers shape fashion. Culture creates companies worth billions. The importance is immense: hip-hop is self-empowerment, overcoming classicism and racism, an offer of identification for millions.

Tobias Kargoll and Phillip Böndel explain – what makes hip-hop successful, – how hip-hop mindset and its techniques fuel careers, – how brands are rooted in culture and – how hip-hop culture changes society.

When can you buy the Hip Hop Success Formula book?

The book by Tobias Kargoll and Philliü Böndel has been available in the online shops listed here since October 15, 2021! Just look at our release overview and choose the shop of your choice.

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Where can you buy the Hip Hop Success Formula book?

If you want to buy the Hip Hop book, you should definitely check out this overview shortly before the release. Here we show you every shop where you can buy the book.

Stores confirmed so far for this release currently include Snipes and Amazon. These two online shops have already listed the book and will definitely sell it! Presumably other shops will join this list.

Incidentally, the book will be available at a retail price of 29.00 euros. We think the book is a must-have for every sneaker – streetwear and art lover.

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Formula for success hip hop book
Formula for success hip hop book
Formula for success hip hop book
Formula for success hip hop book
Tobias Kargoll Hip Hop Book Author
Phillip Bundel Hip Hop Book Author
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